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Our church uses for our online giving. You can give from this website or download the app from the Apple Store or Google Store, that way you can give from your smartphone or tablet. 

We would recommend that you use the eChecking from your bank as this means less fees as you can see below. If you pay your bills online this would be most familiar to you.  Also, if you cover the fees that would be beneficial to the church.
  • Credit / debit card transactions: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.
    Example: $100 donation –> $96.80 deposited. 
  • ACH / Bank account transactions: 1% + 0.30 per transaction.
    Example: $100 donation –> $98.70 deposited. 
“Cover the fees™”: Cover the fees™ enables you to cover the per transaction cost associated with online giving. 
We thank you for your gift!!!!
Philippians 4:17. Not that I see a gift, but I seek fruit that abounds to your account.