Cherie Brown, Retired

Cheri served alongside her husband, Dean, in the ministry of RBM to the children of Berrien and Van Buren Counties here in Michigan. Her husband Dean, passed away in 2015.

Loretta Cuthrell, Retired

Loretta and her husband, Caleb, served the Lord for thirty eight years in Pakistan under The Team Alliance Mission (TEAM). Decatur Bible Church began their support during the ministry of Pastor Gib Clark.

Larry and Jean DePue, Retired

Larry and Jean retired from full-time ministry in 2016 after serving with Child evangelism Fellowship in Southwestern Michigan for 38 years.

Vasiliy and Nila Gavrilyuk

The Gavrilyuk’s serve under the Slavic Gospel Association in the Crimea Republic of Ukraine. Vasiliy is pastor of The Church of Evangelical Christians in Alupka. Besides serving as pastor, they have a children’s ministry, a TB Sanatorium ministry and a summer camp ministry for youth. Vasiliy and Nila have four children.

Randy and Annette Hillebrand

Supported by Decatur Bible since 2001, the Hillebrands serve under Crossworld in the Ukraine. Their ministry includes training leaders, church planters and missionaries. Annette’s focus is a literature ministry to women, training leaders’ wives and women in effective women’s ministry.

Bob and Dawn Heuer, Retired

Bob and his first wife, Sandy, served in Kenya, Africa for 24 years. After Sandy’s passing, Bob met and married who joined him in ministry at CEF headquarters in Warrenton, Mo. Bob works in the press room. He retired from full time ministry in 2016.

Dwight and Cindy Hostetler

Dwight will be Word of Life South Africa Campus Pastor, assist in the office, teach and train students at the Discipleship Training Center, contact person to the area churches, and head of new construction on the facilities. ​Cindy will be teaching English and assisting in other classes at the DTC. She will help in the office as needed and also work directly with a couple of the lady students in discipleship.

Joe and Esther Keim

Founders and directors of Mission to Amish People (MAP). Joe and Esther as former Amish have started this ministry specifically targeted to the Amish community in America. Support began in 2012.

Kevin and Olga Kenney

Kevin and Olga serve under Gospel Furthering Fellowship in Moia, Spain. Their ministry includes church planting, Bible studies for men and women, young children and youth ministries as well as young marrieds. Our support began in 2007.

Carl and Joyce Mains, Retired

Carl and Joyce served under Cadence International, a ministry to the military through Servicemen’s Centers (Hospitality Houses). They retired in 2014 from the ministry at Luke Air Force Base, Sun City, Az.

Bob and Bette Pycraft

Bob and Bette retired as AWANA missionaries in 2015. They are now involved in a ministry called Shepherds Care, a ministry to pastors and full time workers here in Michigan.

Tom Schallhorn, Retired

After training as a pilot and A&P mechanic, Tom and his wife Rosemary entered full tie missionary work in 1991. Deputation was completed in 1994 and they began their ministry in the Chuuk Islands of Micronesia until their retirement in 2015. Their primary ministry was to the Micronesia students at the Harvest Baptist Bible Institute. Rosemary passed away in 2016, Tom is faithfully serving the Lord in his local church here in nearby Mattawan.

Luka and Becky Schemenaur

Becky was chosen to take up the ministry of RBM in Berrien and Van Buren Counties at the passing of Dean Brown. Becky conducts Release Time Bible Classes in local church for public school children during the school year. During the summer months she has a busy schedule with Vacation Bible Schools. Becky and her husband Luka work as an effective team in their ministry

Independent Bible Mission

The mission of IBM of Michigan is to establish new churches and assist existing churches in Michigan by planting, guiding to maturity and then help them become self-supporting Bible preaching along with Biblical practices throughout Michigan and the Northwoods IFCA Regionals.

Independent Fundamental Churches of America

Founded in 1930 in Cicero, Illinois as the Independent Fundamental Churches of America, the purpose and mission is to provide fellowship, encouragement and identification for the independent church as well as individuals of like faith and practices. The IFCA history is rich with an emphasis on historic fundamental doctrinal distinctives, evangelistic zeal and missionary vision. Decatur Bible Church is a member of the IFCA.

Our Daily Bread

Begun in 1938 by Dr. M. R. DeHaan as the Detroit Bible Class radio program and then the Radio Bible Class, the ministry was renamed Our Daily Bread in 2015. Located in Grand Rapids, MI the ministry has expanded to 35 offices outside the United States working together to distribute more than 60 million resources in 150 countries via radio, television (Day of Discovery), DVDs, podcasts, books, mobile apps, and its website. The Grand Rapids office has a staff of 300 along with 100 volunteers.