We have been told that religious gatherings are exempted from the stay-at-home orders due to the freedom of worship that we enjoy as American citizens. However, we have been requested to maintain the CDC recommendations and we are very happy to do this. Here are the suggested guidelines that we have adopted. We have called these the 10 Guidelines, the 10 Commandments have already been taken by the Lord.

First and foremost, if you feel sick…STAY HOME. Some of us feel that if the church doors are opened we have to be there…be careful…for all of our sakes if you are sick, please say home.

Also, we will be sitting in every other pew. Families can sit together but in the pews try to maintain social distancing.There will be no hymnals or pew Bibles in the pews where people can sit.

There will be no offering plates passed in the auditorium. As people come in the doors there will be tables with hand sanitizers and offering plates, you can place your offering in the plate or use the online giving on the website or use the Tithely app on your phone.

There will not be communion until at least June.

Masks are encouraged but are optional.

There will be no nursery at the beginning. If a baby or toddler gets fussy parents are encouraged to use the cry room in the back of the auditorium.  

We are asking that people visit in the parking lot before coming in, or in the auditorium, maintaining proper social distancing.

Of course, it should go without saying that there is no handshaking, please use the Decatur Elbow Bump if you have to.

We will be dismissing row by row as they would at a funeral service, once again, you can meet in the parking lot.

And finally, the water fountains will be turned off. We will be supplying water bottles but if you bring your own that would be helpful.